Paediatric first aid training is a useful qualification to have if you work with young children or are starting or training as an early years educator. Many of the people who come onto our training courses are also parents and grandparents who want that added peace of mind when they are looking after the kids.

If you live in the Liverpool or surrounding area, Dovewell Training offers a level 3 award that provides you with the knowledge and understanding of some of the more common illnesses and emergencies that may present in a childcare setting.

What is Level 3 Paediatric First Aid Training?

The Paediatric First Aid training course at level 3 was designed to complement Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) training undertaken by those:

  • With Level 2 and 3 qualifications who are moving into the early years’ education environment and are looking to comply with existing government and EYFS requirements.
  • Registered childminders and assistants who want to comply with EYFS and gain a first aid training qualification.
  • People who have no professional connection with children but want first aid training such as guardians, parents and grandparents.

The course usually takes place over two days and allows participants to gain several skills. These include assessing a medical or emergency situation and understanding what the options are, giving CPR and dealing with an unresponsive child or infant.

The course is delivered by first aid professionals and there are 7 practical assessments and 2 theoretical ones which need to be passed before a certificate is awarded.

If you are planning to work in a child care or education environment, most businesses nowadays ask for Level 3 Paediatric First Aid training or expect new employees to undertake the course once they have been offered a position. For businesses, building a relationship with a local Liverpool education provider means that they can always be sure that a course is available for staff nearby.

If you are an individual who is planning to work in early years education or is involved in providing care for younger children, Level 3 Paediatric First Aid is an essential qualification to have on your CV.

Who is Dovewell Training?

Dovewell Training has funded training programmes for a variety of health and social care qualifications, serving areas such as Liverpool and the North West. We work with both local organisations and individuals who want to build their qualifications across the region and pride ourselves in the quality of education delivery.

Find Paediatric First Aid Training, Liverpool

Dovewell Training provides courses for businesses in the health care and education industry and for individuals who are seeking to improve their qualifications. Our Level 3 Paediatric Frist Aid training is delivered over two days and fulfils all the requirements for those entering into early years learning.

In addition to paid courses for businesses, we have funded opportunities for individuals who are looking to expand their qualifications. If you would like to find out how Dovewell Training can help, contact our team today or sign up for one of our exciting courses.