The aim of the NPORS Excavator Training course is to Provide both theoretical and practical training to ensure the safe usage of an excavator including the safe and efficient operation of tracked or wheeled machines.

As a result, on successful completion of the NPORS Excavator Course you will receive the red trained operator card or the NPORS Traditional card.

NPORS Excavator Training Course Content

To develop both skills and knowledge associated with this type of machine, the following topics will be covered:

Excavator Training Theory

  • Statutory Requirements.
  • Site Safety Awareness.
  • Operating Safety Code.
  • Road & Site Travelling Procedures.
  • NPORS Multiple Choice Theory Test.

Practical Excavator Training:

  • Introduction to the Machine.
  • Control Familiarisation.
  • Pre-Start Checks & Basic Maintenance Procedures.
  • Basic Driving Procedures & Practice.
  • Use of Hydraulic Controls.
  • Parking at End of Shift Procedures/ Practice.
  • Road & Site Travelling Procedures/Practice.
  • Excavating & Digging Procedures/Practice.
  • Trenching Procedures/Practice.
  • Back-filling Procedures/Practice.
  • Site Levelling & Ground Consolidation Procedures/Practice.
  • Practical Skills Tests.